Are we really debating NBA MVP right now?

This is about as ridiculous as it gets. I understand sports analysts and reporters need something to talk about but the topic of NBA MVP starts and ends with one man and his name is Russell Westbrook. It is absolutely dumbfounding that people are actually making an argument against a guy who is averaging, AVERAGING, a triple-double this season. Are you kidding me Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith? It took you this long to come to the conclusion that Westbrook should be the MVP?


Not only does Westbrook deserve to be MVP, he deserves to win it in a landslide. Look at who the main contenders are for MVP currently. It is currently (supposedly) a four-man race between Westbrook, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and James Harden. Now, I’m going to disqualify Leonard and James right off the bat. The Spurs would still win 50 games without Leonard and the Cavs would probably still make the playoffs as an 8-seed without James. They have respectable stats and have carried their teams enough to be in the conversation but they are just not at the team-carrying level that Harden and Westbrook are at currently.


So between Harden and Westbrook, who deserves the MVP? Here is how it breaks down in terms of stats: Harden currently averages 29 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists per game. Those are very good stats, stats that would normally net you an MVP in a year where someone is NOT averaging a triple-double. Here are the stats of Russell Westbrook: 32 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists per game. That is, in a word, unholy. Westbrook has been a man possessed ever since his prima donna, former friend took his talents to the Golden State. Harden has been phenomenal, but Westbrook has been flat-out otherworldly this season.


Now comes the part where people have a gripe with Westbrook winning MVP. The OKC Thunder is a bad team. Minus Westbrook, they’re probably the worst team in the league and are looking at the draft lottery. The Thunder currently slots in as the 6th seed in the Western Conference at 46-34. Harden and the Houston Rockets are currently the 3rd seed at 54-26. Harden has his team 8 games higher in the win column. Is that enough to disregard the fact that Westbrook is AVERAGING A TRIPLE-DOUBLE. Absolutely not, in fact, it should work against Harden that his team is only 8 games better than the Thunder. The Rockets are a much better team than the Thunder. They have a better roster and are more suited for postseason success. The fact that Harden has his team only 8 games better is actually a true testament to how well Westbrook has played with less.


Russell Westbrook is the NBA MVP. It is not a difficult realization AT ALL. Without Westbrook, the Thunder is in serious trouble. While I respect what Harden has done this season (including actually playing defense), his play pales in comparison to that of Westbrook. The interesting thing is, these two as of right now are scheduled to square off in the first round of the playoffs. Harden and the Rockets may win because, as mentioned above, he has the better team. However, would I be shocked if Westbrook puts on a show and steals the series? Not even a little bit.

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