The Las Vegas Raiders, what could possibly go wrong?

There will be an NFL team relocating to Las Vegas. Let that sink in, a billion-dollar sport practically printing money will be taking one of its premiere franchises and placing it smack dab on the Las Vegas strip. What could possibly go wrong? Sin city and football, seems like a match made in heaven.


Speaking of money, the Raiders (and UNLV) will have a $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat dome awaiting their arrival in Vegas come 2020. A new NFL stadium in today’s day and age will always be an impressive feat in architecture, but Las Vegas has the chance to put a casino in an NFL stadium so let’s not drop the ball here. This stadium, judging from some early renderings, will be one beautiful football kingdom.


It’s an exciting time for Las Vegas and a sad time for Oakland. The Raiders are a beloved franchise, known for a lot of things depending on whom you ask. While Raider nation will likely only grow from this move, it will still leave fans in Oakland down in the dumps. A team getting up and leaving is more suited for a place like Baltimore, but Oakland? Cali? This is certainly going to sting. How will Californians ever get over losing their beloved football team? Oh right, they live in California.


In all seriousness, Raider fans should be very pleased regardless of location. The Raiders are done losing. Their time has officially come and with an explosive offense and a Khalil Mack, they can at the very least bring a competitive fight to the New England Patriots next season. They have a bright future with star quarterback Derek Carr and will no doubt only continue to get better. Meanwhile, Mark Davis’ haircut continues to get worse. Here is to hoping that Las Vegas has some good barbers.


So rejoice Raider fans, regardless of where you live, the Raiders future is neon bright. Sin City awaits the NFL’s most sinful franchise.


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