DeMarcus Cousins Was Traded to the New Orleans Pelicans And It Means Nothing

The Sacramento Kings have been driving the biggest clown car in the NBA for years now.  In fact, the only comparable vehicle in terms of ineptitude would be manned by the New York Knicks.  However, they traded DeMarcus Cousins, the only highlight of their extremely uninteresting team, to New Orleans and people have lost their minds about the intricacies of the deal.  but, calm down… who really gives a shit?

Was it a good trade in terms of equality?  Of course not, it was horrendous.  The New Orleans Pelicans, the NEW ORLEANS PELICANS, sounds like a twice rejected D-League team name, waltzed into Sacramento and fleeced the Kings while they were  updating their quirky and hysterical Twitter feed.  It’s hard to push these words out of my mouth, but the Kings did the right thing.

Although being a vastly talented player (27.8ppg, 10.6 reg, 4.9 ast), the Cousins era has mustered a season high of 33 wins in the 7 year tenure.  Was it Cousins’s fault? Yes and No.

Yes, as “Boogie” continues to be an immature malcontent who has a contentious relationship with the almighty and notoriously high pressure Sacramento media and has been top 5 in technical fouls including four seasons as the top dog in T’s.  I stop short of calling Cousins a “cancer” because he’s been on one team and actually been an issue and that team well…

No, as the Kings are….well a joke.  Poor draft execution, annual axing of coaches, and the team highlight is “The loudest fans in the NBA”.  Not exactly a recipe for success.

As for the Pelicans, they went for it by acquiring Cousins.  Sending Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, Tyreke Evans, and draft picks (a potential lottery pick, but protected top 3) to go for it now!  Only problem is the Pelicans are currently worse than the Kings.  Cousins is a free agent after next year and the unknown is out there on whether he’ll resign.  So, essentially Cousins was transported from a team that couldn’t win with him and probably wouldn’t resign him to a team that can’t win and its unknown if they’ll resign him.

Maybe the public is gaga over this trade because we’re waiting for a deadline that lives up to the hype.  No, the Serge Ibaka to  the Raptors deal did not create global pulsations.  Maybe we are fascinated by the potential of Cousins one day shedding the immaturity and label of “a bad guy”.  Or maybe people are just obsessed with his stupid nickname.

In reality, all this trade does is give Sacramento the chance to see up close the guy they really wanted in the 2016 NBA Draft in Buddy Hield, a guy who is averaging a whopping  8.6 points a game, and it makes the Golden State Warriors potentially have to work a little harder in the first round if the Pelicans can get to the last spot in the Western Conference,

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