@WfanTrades talks NFL Sunday Ticket, Harbaugh Snots, Rex Lapbands and Mr GoodEats 9-15-16 Podcast

This episode we welcome out old friend Jared, aka @wfantades, to the podcast.  Displaced Northeasters take you back to a time when Direct TV Sunday Ticket became a thing.  However, in reality its a NEW thing for us as we talk about the drama, excitement, and pure glee that NFL can give with the Sunday Ticket. Plus Rex Ryan’s confusing lapband removal.

We also discuss the locals in the Giants and Jets and their Week 1 in the NFL. Jared describes the popularity of high school football and college football in Georgia as we make a sweet transition into Jim Harbaugh eating snots.

We end the podcast talking about the newest phenomenon to hit the public since slap bracelets, the immortal and always hungry, Mr. Good Eats.

Red Ticket Blues Sports 9-15-16 Wfan Trades

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