Kaepernick, Derrick Rose Trial, Weatherman, Northern California, Weiner’s Weiner Podcast 9-6-16

Brian returns to the podcast after his audio hiatus after moving across the country from New England to Northern California.  He talks the joys of moving, the many landscapes of California, and of course the idiocy of Southwest Airlines.

He jumps in and gives the 105,562 take on the Colin Kaepernick National anthem story and if it’s right for an athlete to take this stand, if Kap is sincere, and what it all means.  Plus a few news and notes from the NFL.

Brian discusses the lightly discussed Derrick Rose rape case and how Rose’s own comments seem quite shady and peculiar.

He talks the rise and fall of Anthony’s Weiner, Crazy weathermen who promise the end of times and produce a quiet day for a picnic, plus the Yankees and Mets are giving New York some faith for playoff baseball….some faith.

Red Ticket Blues Sports Podcast 9-5-16

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