Best Anthony Weiner Headlines of NY Post and Daily News

When Gotham tabloids like the New York Daily News and New Post first heard the name Anthony Weiner, the unrestricted glee must have must have made the last night at Burning Man seem like a drab bore.

But, what was their most realistic word play? At best an impropriety involving a group of fellow politicians with a name of Oscar or Meyer. A sexual scandal? That’s too rich, too much to ask for, too much….Weiner.

I’m learning. 

But, now that the national embarrassment of Anthony’s Weiner is back in the news and once again rising, let’s take a look back at the headlines that throughly excited a nation.

Regardless of your thoughts on President Obama, his beating of Weiner remains a much applauded executive act.

It was no Roman Empire or Third Reich, but man what a journey!

Have to love a man who isn’t afraid to show the world who he is, but we also never get the answer to the age old question-Joba: Starter or Reliever?

Every headline, byline, subline on this is terrible, sophomoric, and insulting-and it’s amazing!

Steven Tyler couldn’t have said it any better. 

Governor Cuomo will NOT be outdone by Obama. 

But, this will always be my favorite. Especially his impassioned plea to the Mayor.

God bless your souls, trashy headlines writers. 

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