Jay Jaffe Sports Illustrated on Hall of Fame, Sabermetrics, Craft Beer, MLB Trade Deadline 7-21-16 Podcast

Jay Jaffe, Sports Illustrated baseball writer  and founder of Futility Infielder, joins the Thursday Talk episode of the Red Ticket Blues podcast.  Jay talks the impending MLB Trade deadline and if the New York Yankees to finally come to their senses and be sellers, if the Cubs recent trade for Mark Montgomery effects future trades, and what are the Los Angeles Dodgers going to do with out Clayton Kershaw.

Jay discusses his journey to SI and his love statistical analysis, which inspired to create his own formula for judging Hall of Fame eligibility called JAWS, and his upcoming book, The Cooperstown Casebook.

We break down the pros and cons of Hall of Fame voting and what the sport needs to do improve the process.

Plus, we get into the beer selections at baseball stadiums and the availability of craft beer while watching a professional baseball game.

Red Ticket Blues Sports Podcast 7-20-16 Jay Jaffe     

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