Frank Deford on his new book, future of the NFL, Olympics in Rio- Podcast 6-23-16

Frank Deford, legendary sportswriter, chats with me on this week’s Thursday Talk edition of the Red Ticket Blues podcast.  He  discusses his latest book, I’d Know That Voice Anywhere. My Favorite NPR Commentaries 

We discuss the recent NBA Finals and the transformation of LeBron James’s popularity.

Frank  discusses the long term health of the NFL game, football in general, and if it is destined to go the way of boxing.

Deford talks the game of soccer in the United States as compared to globally and if it will ever be one of the big sports here.

Should steroid abusers be in the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown?  Frank weighs in.

Plus,he talks how Muhammad Ali went from villain to loved.

Plus, we welcome our new sponsor, SEAT SWAP! 

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Red Ticket Blues Sports Podcast with Frank Deford 6-23-16     

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