Skip Bayless Will Leave ESPN, But He Will Not Leave Us 

Skip Bayless sucks.  I’ve seen guys suck before, but he’s the suckiest suck that ever sucked.  Let’s get that out of the way immediately, so there’s no confusion. 

But, he’s apparently in high demand. 

The perpetual contraion of contraions is leaving ESPN after the NBA Finals and is reported to be joining Fox Sports 1 to presumably continue the same charade.  He’ll join former ESPNers Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock, but how Bayless’s schtick will proceed is undetermined. 

On the other side, ESPN is now left with only half of a duo in Stephen A.Smith for First Fake.  Sure, Smith could scream at the wall asking and answering his same questions and the viwers of that abomination of a show will still watch. 

However, ESPN probably won’t take that gamble and instead a rumor is to bring in Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, many sourcing their friendship and Smith’s association with Mad Dog Radio on Sirius.  I’m not sure how the combo of threatening NBA players and breaking down play by play from the 1963 World Series will mesh together on a daily basis  and frankly I don’t want to find out. 

So while ESPN has their future to think about, the plans for Bayless at Fox are just underway. Will we see another mad scientist created show with bullshit wafing throughout the air?  Can Bayless take on another role?  Fox Sports President Jaimie Horowitz manned the reins of the highly rated First Take trainwreck when he was at ESPN.  So, maybe the “debate” party just moved down the street.

Fox Sports doesn’t have the ratings numbers ESPN does, so it’s possible the Bayless brand fades a bit into obscurity in those hard to channel FOX channels on your guide.  

But, beware. He isn’t completely leaving and he still sucks. 

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