Emotional Hillary Clinton Supporter Can Not Control Herself 

Politicians are many times people of the lowest morals who are certainly NOT angels from heaven. 

Someone tell this woman. 

Last weekend, Democratic Presedential hopeful Hillary Clinton was addressing a crowd in Bridgeport,Connecticut.  As she took the stage, a Hill-dog supporter seen in the background is noticeably in tears, weeping like a child.  

hillary clinton, president, Good god, people. Get a grip. These politicians don’t care about you and if they did 25% of the things they promised, that would be a job well done. 

But, perhaps she’s crying because Hillary is having trouble beating a 74 year-old socialist, or that Bernie Sanders appeals to the worst generation in ions, or that Donald Trump has no real plans and preys on the moronic, or that Ted Cruz is not human and can’t physically release tears of salt and soulful emotion or that John Kasick…well that John Kasick is still in it. 

Either way, get a grip, lady. If you don’t watch it, being replaced as the new Crying Jordan may be in your future. 

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