Tim Sullivan on History of WFAN, Imus, Mike and the Mad Dog, and Doris in Rego Park Podcast 4-22-16

Tim Sullivan, author of “The Groundbreaking History of WFAN, joins the weekly Thursday Talk edition of the Red Ticket Blues Podcast.

We discuss his first interaction with WFAN and the decision making surrounding the move to write a book about it.

Tim gives us a history lesson on the station began and who were the influential players to begin like Don Imus and others.

He recaps tons of great interviews and quotes from famous alumni like Ian Eagle and Jim Lampley to current hosts like Evan Roberts and Mike Francesa.

We go over some questions from Twitter and the we try to envision the history of WFAN without Mike Francesa post 2017.

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Red Ticket Blues 4-21-16 with Tim Sullivan- WFAN

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