Weekends Were Made for Michelob, But Only For People Better Than You

Commercials are intended to inform,inspire, and invoke laughter.  Others are solely focused on making you feel lazy and worthless.

Hellloooo….Michelob Commercial.

By no means is the ad new, in fact it seems like it’s been making us “normies” feel inadequate for the last few months. 95 calories and 2.6 carbs worth of inadequateness!

Not ringing a bell? Let me describe it for you.

It’s starts with a group of young and beautiful people waking up next to their significant others. Grey and dark skies surround their awful life until the morning comes.  But, they don’t let the pre-dawn depression that leads to another work day get them down.

They get up….to get down!

All to the tune of James Brown’s classic “Get on up”, the beautiful and “soulful” people start exercising all over the city! Quick shots of swimming, running, kickboxing, etc. and they’re doing it all as you lay in bed and drop that third drool puddle on your pillow.

So, if you’re scoring at home-they are young, beautiful, appreciative and cognizant of funk and soul, oh and they exercise WAY earlier than you.

At this point, you’re thinking this ad has to be for a Fitbit or Nike athletic gear, but you’d be wrong and feeling useless. Again.

After a long and presumably awesome day at work, (because why not?) an actor arrives still in work clothes hoisting a Michelob Ultra sixer as if it were some sort of asshole trophy, as he enters a party of people who think a hoisted Michelob Ultra asshole trophy is really cool.

Couldn’t go the hipster craft beer angle and couldn’t go the ironic hipster trash beer angle, but had to go the healthy beer angle.

All in all, Michelob wants to tell you that you’re unattractive, unhealthy, lack any element of soul, and whatever you’re drinking probably sucks.  So, put your fifth of Dubra vodka and Raspberry infused wheatgrass of the Andes away.

Get Michelob! Get Better!  (at everything)


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