Dave Sims – Voice of Seattle Mariners on WFAN, Race in Sports Media, Cheesesteaks, Bat Flips – Podcast 3-29-16

Dave Sims, Seattle Mariners, Major League Baseball, broadcasting, New York Daily News, Sirius XM, WFAN, Soulman and Coleman, Duke, Mike krzyzewski, robinson cano, mlb, baseball, espnThis week, we reversed the Thursday Talk and have our sports media guest on Tuesday….and the world is still spinning on it’s axis!

I was lucky enough to speak to the play by play man of the Seattle Mariners, Dave Sims.

We gover his journey in sports media ranging from the New York Daily News, to WFAN, to broadcasting NFL, NCAA and MLB to his current jobs hosting a show with Coach K of Duke on Sirius XM Radio and living and dying with the Mariners.

Come for the knowledge and experience, stay for the cheesesteak recommendations!

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