How Do I Explain Court Storming to My Kids? 

We all know February is the worst sports wise, but now our disinterest has turned to sheer outrage! Court storming! 

Yes, I’m speaking of the moronic practice of college students leaving their seats and rushing the court to congregate, jump on top of each other, and retell the story 20 years later at a cocktail party when in a bragging fashion they say, “I actually stormed that court”

Well, the fan migration is back in the news, even though in reality, it happens every week!

After a loss to Colorado last week, Arizona coach Sean Miller said, “Eventually what’s going to happen in the Pac-12 is this: An Arizona player is going to punch a fan.”  Even when it’s not a hot button issue, Miller and other coaches have been defiant opponents of drunk college students running on the hardwood and has lambasted the process several times in the past few years. 

But, the media and society operate under a different set of indignation. We have become such a reactionary society that sees a one minute situation and wants to the flip the card table over in veritable disgust. Rip up the newspaper like the Phog Allen Fieldhouse and start all over! See-Buster Posey rule and the new “neighborhood play” at 2nd base in baseball. 

I realize the baseball plays and court storming are apples and oranges, but the media coverage is the same. During yesterday’s Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt game, CBS’s Doug Gottlieb and the cameramen could not stop the court storming coated sugarplums from dancing in their heads.  Suddenly, because Sean Miller raised a concern, court storming has now become an epidemic. Brace yourselves. 

For the record, I think court storming should be reserved for bijou schools that have never come close to winning anything and accomplished a unforeseen victory over a powerhouse. Outside of that, stop the insanity. 

But, don’t worry.  The media will keep us abreast of everything that is terrible and will kill us for a few days, then abandon it, and come back to it.  Soon, no one will care about court storming. 

“Until the next time” General Franklin Kirby from Commando 


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