Fridays with Francesa-Zinfandel Edition

 After a long week doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s edition stars, yours truly.  It’s as if the Tupac backup singers are showering their jubilance in my direction when they croon, “It’s all about you”

In case you didn’t know, Mike knows lots of people-Donald Trump, Ken Wisenhunt, and Lonn Trost.  So, amidst the Stubhub drama and Yankee ticket print at home banishment, he went full on defending the Yankee COO Trost and the claim people are sitting in the Legends seats for a paltry $2.

I called Numba One to shoot down this hairbrained claim.  First, he said a guy in the Legends seats told him and then Lonn Trost told him.  Quite a jump in stature in a matter of seconds.

Then, when informing Mike I thought he was minimizing the elitism involved in Legends seats, I made a ghastly gaffe and called ALL fans in the Legends seats bad fans.

It was as if I jumped in the open ocean with chum attached to my body and then had someone pour 5 gallons of blood in the water.

His holiness went into full defense mode (cue the Tupac chorus) about how HE’S the biggest Yankee fan, and HE grew up a poor kid, and HE is successful.  HE didn’t say it, but the implication was obvious as an angry Mike on a Monday afternoon during the NFL season.

Long story short, he made insinuations that I could potentially be a moron (probably true) and pulled the classic Francesa talking over a caller charm when I attempted mea culpa to explain I “misspoke”, just like his good friend Lonn Trost.  Did you know Mike has known him a very long time?

Amidst the Zaun furor, I had to take it in silence. Interrupting his rise to the top could potentially be my last call to Blue Heaven.  Yes, I’m defending my call to a sports radio host on the Internet at 35 years old.  This is what it’s come to.

Finally my last question was the Zinfandel query.  Of course, Mike responded with HE has never drank white Zinfandel there.  I’m truly shocked things exist in this world that Mike has not partaken in, but of course it never stops him from being an expert in them. Check Stubhub.

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Whether your with Mike or me doesn’t matter, I’m just glad I was momentarily able to brake up the monotony of heavy breathing ticket brokers and season ticket holders who just want to vent.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the call!

Thanks to @rns_funhouse for video


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