On Pitchers and Catchers Reporting to Camp

Spring Training

Previously, I posted about how February is by far the worst month of the year, defined by cold weather and a lack of interesting sports viewing options. February is such a bad month sports wise, the people showing up to their jobs becomes a story that the sports media uses to fill their papers, websites and blogs, which is what I am going to do here.

Baseball is by far my favorite sport and I can’t wait until it is back in full swing. This does not mean however that I am going to get all giddy about pitchers and catchers reporting to training camp. Let’s review some of the highlights from social media to show you just how boring ad ridiculous this baseball holiday has become:

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Did you see that throw, did you see them slow the footage down for dramatic affect? Did you HEAR the ball hit the mitt? Thank God for this, I almost forgot what that sounded like for a minute.

Yes, amazing that with a new year comes a new baseball season. Another season where the Dodgers throw away $300 million dollars and not win a World Series.


MLB even created these dopey animations for several clubs that I saw on Twitter. Pitchers and catchers is such a boring story that they need to spice it up with things like this.


Hey cool pants Diamondbacks! OJ is back in the news so that “fresh from a murder scene” look is relevant again. Seriously, there is so little to discuss we are talking ugly uniform pants.

Bottom line is that I’m glad baseball is ALMOST back, but to me it’s all about the canned quotes and watching people warm-up until games get going in March. Even then it’s just a bunch of players trying not to get hurt and getting ready for when the REAL games start in April.




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