February – The Worst Month of The Year


Here we are again, smack dab in the middle of the worst month of the year. A month so bad they only gave it 28 days, 29 on Leap Years.

What makes February (Febuwerry) so bad? Why all the hate for February, Mark?

Well first of all the cold and weather.  I’m not a winter hater, but I hate that winter is as long as it is. The summer in the northeast flies by so quick, yet winter is longer than a supermarket line the day before a big storm hits. When the first few snowstorms of the year hit, you might take your kids sledding, or have a snowball fight, go skiing or snowboarding, help old ladies shovel their driveways, but after a few storms it’s enough already, spring HAS to get here ASAP.

Second problem with February is that it’s the last month before spring training baseball and ultimately the start of the baseball season. Baseball is my favorite sport, and it’s been four months since the World Series, I NEED MY BASEBALL. And please don’t talk to me about pitchers and catchers reporting, which might be the most overrated milestone in sports. Oh great, the players signed in, they are stretching and throwing baseballs…this guy may or may not be hurt, but the team isn’t saying anything for sure. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey Mark, there’s other sports you can watch during February! Oh yeah, GET LAWST! I understand a lot of people love hockey and basketball, but I just don’t find the interest in those sports when they have cannibalized their own regular seasons by adding so many teams to the postseason. I’ll see you in May and June basketball and hockey.  I also don’t watch college basketball, maybe I’ll watch the final of the final four, but I’m not tuning in regularly.

But Mark, Valentine’s Day is in February!!! Yes it is, thank you for solidifying my point here. More on that HERE and HERE

So here we are, on top of the cold, the lack of digestible sports, and WFAN decides it’s the perfect week to roll out the B-line-up…many of whom I enjoy, but it’s just not the same. When you turn on the radio at a certain time you expect certain people to be there.

Good luck making it through the next couple of weeks folks.  Spring and baseball will be here before we know it and I’ll have something else to complain about.

In the mean time, here’s a cookie for ya, I listened to this last February….Mike and Chris nearly yell themselves hoarse going back and forth and yelling over each other. The audio isn’t the greatest, but worth the scratchiness.





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