How Do I Explain Cam Newton To My Kids? 

Let’s be honest-Post game press conferences are bullshit.  Rarely is anything gathered from them, as for the most part they are cliche answers stacked upon cliche answers.  But, when they go south millions of eyeballs descend and scrutinize and dissect every frame with the finest of fine tooth combs.
With all that being said, Cam Newton acted like a childish ass after Super Bowl 50. An enormous personality  who craves the spotlight with every step or dance, decided at his lowest moment that he didn’t want it anymore.  Only on his terms does he like cupcake questions and innocuous praise.

In terms of game play, Newton has nothing to be shamed of. Neither quarterback played particularly well and Newton’s offensive line could not contain a relentless Broncos defense that may have pressured Cam more than anytime in his life.

This may be shocking to some, but I have never played in a Super Bowl…(allotted time for gasp and chance to gather composure)…so, I don’t know what it feels like to lose one as well.  But, every other Carolina Panther player was able to face the dark side of the Super Bowl and allow the repetitive darts from the media…except for Cam.

When the talk of the town is dabbing, dancing, and designer pants, please throw the roses in this direction.  But, when the D’s are absent, don’t talk to me, in fact I don’t want to talk to you, I’m leaving. In a nutshell, Cam Newton fell deep into the Nick Swisher rabbit hole.  Embrace the good times, but turn your back and act like a baby when it didn’t work.

“I’m sensitive, bro” Nick Swisher 

But, Newton is bigger than Swisher in terms of the stature of an athlete.  Cam Newton received 48 of 50 NFL MVP this year (if you didn’t know he had it written on SB cleats) and was the Offensive Player of the Year, while Nick Swisher is arguably the worst postseason MLB player ever.

Many have come up with excuses as to why Newton acted the way he did.  I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in-

1. It was better than him saying something regrettable.

2. He should be allowed to because he was upset with the loss.

3.Broncos players were nearby razzing him.

4.Media is attacking Cam with racial undertones.

However, the worst part of this entire process is that Cam Newton fans and defenders refuse to acknowledge that Newton created this hotdogging and showboating brand for himself.  Fun is not illegal and he had lots of it in 2015. He enjoys the game and the spoils that come along with it like national college championships at Auburn and Blinn College.

But, losing is part of the game too.

So, in closing, your kids need a message about Cam Newton…what to say?

I’d go with, Cam Newton is a guy who loves the spotlight and acted like an incredulous child in the Super Bowl post game.  But, I think it will help him going forward.  Maybe the extra mustard dissipates or we lose the dab or any other rehearsed dance (that goes for every player).  Cam Newton had his worst moment and the whole world was watching. He didn’t murder anyone, in fact the only crime he committed was an assault on his image.

But, he can change that. Not critics or defenders, but Cam Newton.



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