Report: Marshawn Lynch is Retiring, But Will Confirm When He Says “Yeah”

According to NFL Insider Adam Schefter and the always popular “league sources”, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is planning to retire from the NFL.

Always channeling his inner Mystikal and being “UNPREDICTABLE!”, Lynch has told many in the organization that it’s time to go.  In reality, who the hell knows what Lynch is thinking.  Whether, it’s not speaking at Media Day because he is “uncomfortable” when in reality the whole charade was to push his “Beast Mode” clothing line, or grabbing his junk because it’s and EVERYDAY THANG.

He probably doesn’t need the money, as according to Ian Rapport of NFL Network, he actually has never spent a penny of his playing salary…ever.

But, when questioned he cooed his normal Marshawn Lynch charm-

But, I’ll believe it when someone can get “Yeah” out of him.

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