Lovely Greg Hardy Is A Disgusting Party Animal Says Dallas Cowboys 

dallas cowboys, greg hardy, nfl, jerry jones, domestic violence Beating women is so “whatever” and “old”, but burning the candle at both ends with salacious Lone Star booze is a crime against all humanity.

Well, if you’re the Dallas Cowboys that’s what you say.

Yesterday, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said the Cowboys have had it up to here (imagine a sense of very high proportions) with the defensive end’s late night shenanigans to the point he won’t be a Cowboy next year.

It seems like only yesterday the Hardy revival tour started off swimmingly.  He was coming off that pesky domestic violence “thing” where he served his four-game suspension in 2015 and was ready to face the world with a heavy heart and show the naysayers he was a “good guy”.

Sure, there was the refusal to acknowledge anything he did and the cryptic ghoulish things he said about Patriots QB Tom Brady’s wife, Gisselle Bundchen and her friends.  But, c’mon he’s not perfect.

Hypocrisy is nothing in new sports. What you’ve done doesn’t matter, it’s about what you can do for me now. The Cowboys defied societal logic by welcoming in Greg Hardy with open arms like a military member returning from duty.  But, in the logic of sports he was a cog that could help a team win.

But, whatever you thought about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before signing Hardy, think even lower now.  By clearly not caring about his past, then inking him, then citing “partying” as a grounds for dismassal , Jones clearly shouted to the world, “I give no fucks”.

So, the Cowboys are repulsed by Hardy’s partying.  Wonder how they feel about that rumored Dallas QB to be, Johnny Manziel?



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