Gregg Doyel – Indy Star on Peyton Manning, His Fan Base, Patriots Fans, Twitter 1-28-16

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Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star joins the Red Ticket Blues Thursday Talk Edition.  He reveals dipping his toes in the sports writing game before settling in at a national website CBS Sports.

We discussed how Gregg gives a unique touch to the world of sports whether it is through human interest stories or simply inserting himself into the article himself.  He also reveals how he he’s not afraid of being wrong and dealing with Twitter trolls until it gets ugly.

Later, Doyel talks about the resurgence of Indiana University basketball and the little things by head coach Tom Crean that are making the difference.

I ask him how he has so much confidence that Peyton Manning is wrongly accused of the HGH allegations.

Plus, Doyel chats about his biggest critics that reside in the area of New England, that being Patriots fans, going on the local Boston sports radio show, Dennis and Callahan, and when tweets go wro-well just nasty from Pats fans.

He also discusses the state of media and we consume and the one thing he wishes he could change about the paradigm.

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Greg Doyel of Indianapolis Star 1-28-16

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