Mongo Nation Christmas Celebration With All Your Favorite Mongo Interviews!

MikeFrancesaPapalMassIt’s Christmas time and no one wants to listen to your Aunt Agnes tell the same holiday story about how she bought a fur coat and had to return it the next day!  You want Mongo interviews with the Red Ticket Blues podcast.  So, sit down with the family, fire up your old podcast listening device, spin your favorite family yard about the Sports Pope, Mike Francesa, with the RTB family.


FrancesaCon Breakdown (2nd Half) – 

A Mongo Discussion (A Timeless Classic)

Mark Mongo Discusses His Trip To Blue Heaven

Mark Mongo on Mike Francesa and Fox Sports

Simon From Yonkers on Everything Part 1

Simon from Yonkers on Everything Part 2

Jared AKA @WFANTRADES Breaks Down Mongo Nation, The Board and FrancesaCon

Battle of New York Football with Mark Mongo and Simon From Yonkers

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!



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