Why I Don’t Feel Ripped Off Buying the Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

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All day long in my mind and out loud, I went back and forth-back and forth.  Am I really going to spend $100 on a freaking boxing match?  A sport I follow “casually at best” suddenly warrants a C-note of my hard-earned cash that will have a maximum length of 12 rounds?  Thirty six minutes is the most I’m getting!

Even though the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was announced December 12th, 2014, here was I was the day of the fight contemplating if this glorified and “historic” showdown was worth my money.

Mephistopheles versus The Lord Almighty –  Live from Vegas!

So many elements pointed me in the direction to steer clear.  First of all, this fight will not be worth it.  How could it be?  The only thing with this much hype that has ever reached its billing is LeBron James.  That’s it.  And he’s never asked me to fork over $100. Yet.  In addition, I was in the midst of watching a Game 7 between the Clippers and Spurs that was an all time-classic. Something I had a feeling the “Fight of The Century” wouldn’t be.  But, it didn’t stop me.  It wouldn’t stop me.

Nor did the fact that I was handing money over to the true undesirables of the world.

First, Floyd Mayweather,a man who boasts of his wealth on an hourly basis and unapologetically applies beatings to women at the same rate of consistency to his pugilist opponents.  Secondly, the seedy cesspool that is the boxing promotion machine that have ruined the sport and turned “Pay-Per-View” as the only destination to see the stars.  And thirdly, my cable provider that takes me to the whipping post on a monthly basis to pay for my sins in the form of channels I’ll never watch.

All these awful entities flung their noses at me as if to say, “You hate us, but we don’t care.  You need us”.  And, worst of all, they were right.

But, the biggest deterrent of all should have number one to me.  Simply put, I’ve seen Floyd Mayweather box.

Much of his repertoire is based upon simple, but powerful, jabs and to use his extreme quickness to get out of trouble.  Floyd does what he has to do to win, which many times results in a dull fight that goes 12 rounds. The undefeated champ is pound for pound the most boring fighter there is.

So, even after digesting all this information, I still ordered it.  Consciously, and soberly, I decided to fork over my greenbacks to watch a stale and bland fight.  And it was everything I expected it to be.  A lackluster, methodical, fight that lacked any real momentum or passion.  If this was “The Fight of the Century”, then the future of boxing for the next 85 years does not look bright.

Was it a waste of money? Of course it was, but I’ve spent $100 on worse things in my life.  Did it live up to the promoters billing as the super fight to end all fights?  No, it was like a Single A can’t miss prospect you’ve heard about for years and once he reached the Big Leagues he batted .083 with 14 errors.

But, don’t be mad at the fight, the hype, or the sport of boxing.  We knew what this fight was and it was everything we thought it would be.

I have no one to blame, but myself.

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