Fridays With Francesa-Jose Reyes Locker Room Edition

After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This wee’s edition includes true staples of the Zaun experience: Prank calls and claiming something didn’t get on the air when it most certainly did.

If you know anything about the man who knows Ken Wishenhunt better than you, then you know he’s quite familiar with former Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.  They live in the same town, have the same doctors, and its safe to say he “knows him very well”.

But, does he know him and the Mets this well?

It appears Joe in North Bergen knows the perfect recipe to call up for a holy encounter. Start with the kiss the ring with praise of Mike’s NCAA coverage, which in actuality consists of him shouting and stating he “can’t do play by”.  By now Mike’s itchy dump button finger has been removed from execution.  Now, after you’ve set him up, Knock Him Down!

Again, Mike is good friends with Jose, but that good of friends? We don’t know.

But, no prank call would be complete without the Pontiff assuring us that the “nasty and vile” call was dumped and no one actually heard it.  When obviously, well…we did.  It’s a Francesa trademark that will hopefully never go away.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for da call!

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