Red Sox Fan Bill de Blasio Hurt By Big Meanies In New York

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Right off the bat, would you boo this man if you had the chance?  That’s a stupid question.  Of course, you would. 

Everyone hates politicians. Everyone hates whiny politicians.  And certainly everyone hates whiny politicians when moaning about their treatment at baseball games. 

But, it appears New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dosent grasp that.  

 While out in Wisconsin, the leader of Gotham begged for sympathy from a group of Milkwaukeens about the unfair salutations he receives in New York.  It seems he was amazed how Brewers fans treated mayor Tom Barrett with cheer, love, and harmony.  “I was struck by how many people kept coming up to the mayor to thank him for his service.” de Blasio said. 

He went on to grieve like a…whiny politician. “I go to quite a few baseball games in my city of New York, and I gotta admit — the reception isn’t always that cordial,” cried Big Bill. 

de Blasio followed that up with , “People recognize me, all right. But often times our exchanges are limited to a few choice words or even a particular finger”

It’s unsure what the Mayor is trying to do.  Is he attempting to endear himself to country bumpkins? Perhaps, he’s looking to present a kinder, gentler, and more understanding Mayor.  Or maybe, he’s just a fool and continues to be a fool. 

To give him ample time  ponder his intentions, maybe he should skip the flight back. Take a horse drawn carriage instead. 

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