Fridays With Francesa-Mike Is A King Edition.

mike francesa, mongo nation, fridays with francesaFridays With Francesa ” src=”” alt=”mike francesa, sports radio, wfan, mongo nation” width=”595″ height=”440″ />After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week, we evaluate kingly,regal, and dismissive behavior. Luckily, we’ve found the right guy-The Pontiff of competitive athletic performance.

Part of the job of a royal is to listen to the concerns and grievances of a lesser being, a supplicant if you will.  And that’s exactly what happens here when “John in Jersey” approached the throne.

In reality, John was way out of line criticizing an elder noble like Mike Francesa.  But, his actual criticism of who Mike adresses by his first name or last name is ridiculous.   Even though we are all aware Zaun knows Bill, Sean, Andy, Bernie, Phil, Jim, Joe, Alex and the list goes on.

So after the uncalled side swipe had ended, the Sports Pope calmly and pleasantly dismissed him with a suggestion.

“Jawn, Get a Life”


Everyone have a great weekend and thanks for the call.

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