DeAndre Hopkins Will Not Answer Your Andre Johnson Questions

  Yesterday, the media descended on the Houston Texans and their first day of offseason workouts and zeroed in on the new center of attention when it comes to wide receivers, DeAndre Hopkins. 

In the past this spot was normally reserved for Andre Johnson, who for the past 12 years had been the anchor of the fledging franchise, but was released and later signed with the Luck-led Indianapolis Colts this offseason. 

When the usual horde of microphones were jabbed into Hopkins’s face, the topic of Johnson’s void and departure came up more than once.  Each time, he answered back with “no comment”.    

When the query didn’t include Johnson’s name, “Nuk” morphed into a Chatty Cathy and answered with the same cliche parlance we’ve come to grow and love from our athletes.  And if Johnson’s existence was mentioned, Hopkins referred to him exclusively as “Number 80”.

So, Nuk, what’s good? 

Honestly, who knows.  Perhaps Hopkins and Johnson have some sort of beef from being teammates the past two years or maybe Hopkins is being the diplomatic party after the fallout between his current employer and erstwhile teammate. 

Or maybe, Hopkins is ready to move on and be his own man on the team and in the NFL. Good Luck with that QB situation in Houston. 

But, Cmon. Admit it.  You just came here to see Andre Johnson possibly beat someone down. Ok, you’re welcome.

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