Fridays With Francesa-Mike Met The Youtube Creator


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

Like Mike’s show in the summertime, the Fridays With Francesa segment has been on a bit of hiatus. But, like a horse racing author in studio, it’s back with tons of insightful enlightenment and substance.

This week, we go way back in the time machine to 2009.

Now, we all know his holiness schmoozes with the only the best and brightest. From legendary rock stars like Paul McCartney, to historical equines like Secretariat and even a plethora of coaches only addressed by first name only, Mike is a selective hobnobber.

But, did you know Mike has actually sat down to a fireside chat with the creator of Youtube?

It all took place at some function where he was receiving an award (obviously) and he struck up a convo with the man who created a database where all of Francesa’s most kingly and noble moments exist.

It appears the “guy who created Youtube” told some stories that flew over Big Mikey’s head as they did not include the “plus” of a baseball player, the sliding scale of how hard a marker he was, and there were no bold declarations of how great he was.

But, for one brief moment in time, two of the greatest minds of our generation met, exchanged ideas, and talked about their brands, “Zaun and YouTube”

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