Floyd Mayweather, Aaron Hernandez Twitter, and The Money Store 4-15-15 Red Ticket Blues Sports 

This week Brian touches on anything and everything pertinent in the sports world. Discussing the Yankees-Red Sox last weekend, former NFL running back and troubled soul Lawrence Phillips being accused of murdering his cellmate,and Floyd Mayweather, while gearing up fo rhis title “Fight of The Century” with Manny Pacquiao, sat down with Katie Couric and now does not agree with his previous agreement of beating his ex-girlfriend.Also in the midst of his FIRST murder trial, Brian talks the creepy viewing of Aaron Hernandez‘s stationary Twitter account, the power surge of Stephen Drew and, of course, we have to talk about Alex Rodriguez!

Along the way we remember Phil Rizzuto and :The Money Store” and Charlotte Hornets minority owner and awful rapper Nelly being arrested for felony drug possession!

Plus, we play a litte “Shocking/Not Shocking” and indulge in a quick preview of Major League Baseball’s American League Central!

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