12/5/14 Fridays With Francesa-Mike’s Secrecy of Ice Cream Edition


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s edition surrounds Mike’s sometimes violated rights to his own privacy.

Privacy of eating ice cream at work that is.

While passing the time during a commercial break, Big Mikey just wants to relax in the intimacy of the WFAN studio, read some vitriol filled stories about himself that he claims he doesn’t read, and enjoy a sweet, yet massive, ice cream sundae like he does everyday.


But, just as Mike can no longer hold on to the urge of the temptress that is “his lunch”, he notices that he’s on the air. The camera, thus the audience, receives a death stare that translates,”Woy Awe You Here”

He tries to summon anyone in the control room to take away the visual shame he’s enduring, but unfortunately no one is listening.

A new ironic concept for a behemoth that is always boasting that he’s “Numbah one”.

In a truly pathetic attempt to mask his iced vice, he covers it with sheets of paper, which can we can only assume are “minutes” from meetings that Zaun refuses to attend.

Nice try, Francesa. Now you’re just being foolhardy.

Eventually, Mike finds the power button, which whisks the viewers away to stale YES graphics for what seems like an eternity.

We can only hypothesize, but it’s likely the Pontiff demolished the treat a la George Costanza at the US Open and cleaned up nicely to begin a long diatribe aiming venom at Rex Ryan.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for the call

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