11/14/14 Fridays With Francesa-Mantle Foot Edition!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s edition surrounds a man so near and dear to Mike’s heart he makes his creepy obsession with Andrew Luck seem like a mere schoolyard crush. Of course, I’m talking about the great Mickey Mantle.

Roy in Redbank contacts Francesa about a Mantle artifact, because who else would know such intimate details than Mike?

Immediately, the call gets off to a rocky start as Roy brings up his Ray Gallo photo of Mickey Mantle, which according to Roy was Mickey’s favorite. After not knowing who Ray Gallo is and being unaware this was the Mick’s favorite shot of him, the passive aggressiveness begans from the Sports Pope.

Aggressively, Mike attempts to rip apart Roy’s treasured photo in a bullying interrogation that begins with “Original or Copy?”, then insinuating he’s a filthy memorabilia pusher, and finally questioning the time of night the photo was taken.

Roy answers all of Zaun’s questions, which obviously only garners a half hearted acceptance of, “I’ll take ya word for it”.

Innocently, the caller attempts to pick the brain of North America’s foremost expert on “The Mick” in regards to whose foot is in the photo near Mickey’s. A truly unimportant and uninteresting question, but a question nonetheless.

After a period of inane chatter that goes nowhere, at the 2:50 mark Mike says, “Oh ok, you want to know whose foot is in the photo?”. Obviously, the Pontiff of the sports talk airwaves is heartlessly toying with poor Roy as the original question was asked nearly two minutes ago.

Eventually, the legitimacy of the photo/signature is called into play when dates are thrown back and forth. Roy claims in 1996 Mantle signed the photo, Mike responds with 1996 and this goes back and forth. That is until Mike has an epiphany (or a producer in his ear) and remembers that Number 7 died in 1995. And obviously, Mike knew it the whole time, but neglected to mention it.

Seems plausible.

Finally, the Big Guy has the ammunition he needs to dispose of this weak and feeble call and casts Roy and his mystery foot photo back into the barren wasteland that is Mongoland.

Everyone have a great weekend and thanks for the call!

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