11/7/14 Fridays With Francesa-NHL MVP Talk!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s edition involves Mike’s mortal enemy and sport kryptonite, Hockey.

The caller, Jared, appears to be completely aware of Zaun’s disinterest in puck talk, but clearly doesn’t care. In a calculating fashion, Jared lulls Mike in with an easy NFL MVP question. Shockingly, Andrew Luck is mentioned. Very out of character for Mike.

But, when Jared opens up a can of worms in the form of NHL hockey talk, the query is dismissed as silly.


While Mike is correct in the absurdity of the question a few days into a season (same guy who takes hour of Mount Rushmore of sports calls though), he feels that the deeming of a question being silly is ultimate grounds for disposal of anything not worthy of airtime.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy who breaks New York Rangers news as if he’s a puck guru, yet in reality knows virtually nothing about the sport. Apparently, James Dolan pays respect to the Sports Pope.

But, the kicker of the call, is Jared continuing to name his early season standings for NHL MVP. Obviously, this blatant ignoring of a question that was pronounced “silly” angers Big Mike and the phone call is ended.

Please do not bring silly questions to “Mikes On”. But, hypothetical, baseless, and more times than not, idiotic, trades are more than acceptable.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And as always, thanks for da call!

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