Poor Mike Carey. He Is Now The Clown At Our NFL Party.

Since 2010, FOX Sports has had former Vice President of NFL Officiating Mike Pererira as their own personal rules expert on reviewed or “iffy” calls.   The National Football League has, what seems like, 1000’s of rules and out of nowhere a strange obsucre infraction seems to rear its head at the crux of a crucial play.  So, having a pro like Pereira helps explain any complexities, plus his record on ruling declarations is pretty damn good.

As a result of this success, after sitting on their hands for four years, CBS wanted to joined the party and hired former senior NFL referee Mike Carey as the network’s top review decoder this year.

That is an understatement.

Honestly, I don’t have the exact percentages of wins and losses for Carey, but it hasn’t been pretty.  And the ugliness of the losses are multiplied when Mike is beyond confident in his call and even more of a sore loser when “the pros” rule against him. Mix in a little of this in the Broncos/Chargers game https://vine.co/v/OhJnTXHwjKq

Then a little of that-Mike thought wide receiver Andre Johnson did not fumble the ball

Unfortunately, you get the picture.

So CBS, in an effort to save embarrassment on a weekly basis and to neuter the “expert” who’s barely right, Carey has been relegated to giving his commentary AFTER the reviewers have made their call.  Yes, nothing like employing a pundit to offer his advice, sound reasoning, and prediction AFTER a decision has been made.

During Sunday’s Patriots/Broncos game near the end of the first half, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman caught a pass that was ruled a touchdown.  After a simple replay, it was quite obvious Edelman had dropped the ball and the TD was null and void.  So, with the low hanging fruit in CBS’s grasp, they paraded Carey in to make the hardline declaration that the obvious drop was obviously incomplete. 

Good Job, Good Effort, Mike.

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic – Having your opinion downgraded to an afterthought or being assigned to mop-up duty on no-brainers? No one is perfect and god knows Mike Carey isn’t, but where does CBS go from here? 

Will his football proficiency be eased back into a steady and consistent rotation with the hopes of reduced setbacks?  Or will he occasionally find the proverbial nut and continue to drive the clown car for CBS after the refs have made up their mind?




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