How The Media Ruined The Mo’ne Davis Story


There’s absolutely no doubt that some people have been waiting patiently. Salivating, but waiting patiently nonetheless, for that soulless monster to sharpen the knives to slice and dice a 13 year-old girl who excels at Little League baseball.

This is not that article.

First things first, Mo’ne Davis is a great initial story. In a youth sport dominated by young males in ability and actual percentage, she stands out and truly dominates in her sport. No one can even can try to take that away from her.

But, Mo’ne Davis is a perfect example of the relentless media taking a great thing and unmercifully shoving it down our throats to the point we no longer appreciate what they did.

Quickly, she burst upon the scene striking out young boys with the furor and consistency of a Bob Feller in his heyday. Completely warranted, the cameras and the nation took notice. Eventually though, the Philadelphia team she played for that was quickly approaching the US championship, became secondary.

Then came the photo-ops, talk show appearances, and meeting of celebrities. Mo’ne was the darling of the little league diamond while other little leaguers…they were just there.

And the trend continued even after Philadelphia was eliminated by a Chicago team in the United States finals. The star of the runner-up team was the only story that mattered.

But, it didn’t end there.

Throughout the MLB playoffs, feel good fluff pieces featuring Mo’ne and the nameless kids of her opponents,the Chicago, Illinois team, were constantly splattered on our TV screen. Announcers and analysts acknowledging one kid in the face of 15.

Now contrary to popular belief, I’m not stupid. One would have to be to truly aloof and unaware that little Johnny Snotnose doesn’t appeal to the mainstream viewer the way Mo’ne does. That kid who swung at pitches over his head and unceremoniously walked to the dugout crying does very little for human interest stories.

With all that being said, I don’t blame Mo’ne Davis for anything. As an exceptional talent, she took every opportunity she was offered to make a name for herself. No one reading this would have done it any other way. And let’s not forget, with such amazing poise and unflappability. Honestly, if a 12 year-old me would have gotten 1/64 of her attention, I’d probably be motioning to the coach for a substitute because of the Hershey squirts in my uniform.

But, the media, as always, ruined it. They made teams of kids from Philadelphia and Chicago feel as if their accomplishments were diminished and virtually erased that they even played in the Little League World Series and made it the year of Mo’ne.

And even worse, for me at least, they ruined the story of Mo’ne Davis.

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