Michael Jordan Met Twitter. Assholes And Weirdos Said Hello.

Yesterday, in an attempt to establish himself as a “normal” guy, the greatest player in the history of the NBA took to Twitter to interact with the simple commonfolk.  No, Bonzi Wells was not addressing his adoring fans, it was none other than Charlotte Hornets principal owner, Michael Jordan.

To get people excited about a Hornets name change back to yesteryear, you know when people actually bought their merchandise, Jordan took to social media to do…something.  He didn’t answer questions, solely interacted with golfer Keenan Bradley, and tweeted uninteresting pics of nameless employees, random sneakers, and an empty arena.

Pretty much an enormous waste of time.

But, as always, Twitter did not fail with inquisitive, odd, and at many times, inappropriate comments to his Airness.  These are their stories.

Wow.  Talk about going for the jugular.  Cool cutoff,SportsTalkJoe.  So, with those “guns” on display, you ask Michael fucking Jordan a question like that?  

Seems harsh, but we know MJ loves his booze and there’s seems to no shortage of it behind him. With this possible morning boozing habit and his known thirst for power control, maybe Mike is just channeling his inner Don Draper. No word if he stumbled from room to room revealing odd and confusing snippets of his upbringing, but mesmerizing employees at the same time.

Well, when you get drunk these things happen.  Not sure if anyone got to sneak a peek at Michael’s Jordan when they opened their inbox.

Technically, this was sent to Darren Rovell, who sat down to chat with Jordan about the refurbished Hornet image. But, HumanCrackInTheFlash is absolutely correct. Michael Sam is gay. No one will debate this.

Athletes have to love when these gems surface. Especially, when it looks like you’re grinding in the basement of a frat house. Hmmm, upon further review: Photoshop or not? Thoughts?

Yes, this is also true. It tends to happen when both of your parents are black and you spend 365 days a year drinking and smoking a cigar on the sandy beach.

Please let this be a joke. For the good of the men of the world, please be a joke.

Well, we just saw how he feels about the former and the latter, well that is historical…or is it the other way around?

And…of course, somebody-somebody.. has to ruin it for everyone.

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