The New York Knicks Can’t Stop Telling Us They Won’t Win The Championship

In just a few days, the NBA 2014-2015 campaign kicks off.  And like the beginning of every season of every sport, no matter how unrealistic or glum the expectations are “ya never know”.

Unless we are talking about the New York Knicks.

Now, no one is using the last 40 years of little success or that the team is owned by a buffon who is mostly interested in belting out ballads as a barometer for that statement.

No, the Knicks themselves have already, in many ways, waved the white flag and the ended the pursuit for the coveted Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

It all began this summer, when fresh off his free-agency tour to numerous cities, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony quickly put the kibosh on any disillusioned fans dreams of ultimate success.

““I do not expect to win a championship this year. That’s something that takes time and everything has to be in sync, from management to players. We have much work to do, but something that drives me.”

Everything sounds perfecto.  Except for that god awful first sentence.

Anthony is the same guy, who not so subtly told the media last year he wanted to be a free-agent, galavanted around the nation being pampered by possible suitors in an obvious ploy to force the Knicks offersheet, but humbly didn’t take the max offer. He took $5 million less the maximum deal and settled for 5-years $124 mill.  Then had the nerve to say, “This is home. There is no place like New York. Although the other situations were very intriguing, there is no place like New York.”

Not be outdone, the man who will make $23,410,988 this year, Knicks forward/center Amar’e Stoudemire, isn’t too optomistic either.

After breathing life back into a dying franchise in 2010 when he signed a 5-year $99.7 million deal, the 31-year-old has been a constant mainstay on the Knicks injured list and when active is merely a shadowy resemblance of the dynamic player from Phoenix. In fact, he been reduced to hoping for miracles.

“You never know, miracles happen,”

So, the two Knicks who make up nearly half of the Knicks payroll think a championship this year is a no-go.

Every preseason, teams that suck are completely aware that they suck. But, the coach and team leaders put on a ultra-happy face and ooze an image of “it’s a new season”. All the while, the front office forcibly feeds the fans and media the sweet, sweet glimmer of hope, regardless of the obvious horseshit orbiting it.

All in all, true Knicks fans deserve better than preseason verbal roadblocks from their stars. They are forced to pay some of the highest ticket prices in the NBA, at the mercy of an inept and unfortunately hands on owner, and their most famous “fan” is a clown in the form Spike Lee.

If Melo could stop continuing to publicly flirt with players under contract and Amar’e could pull himself out a red wine bath, maybe they could at least portray an image of motivation and determination to still be playing in June.

Or maybe they’re brutal honesty is merely a hopeless reality. If that’s the case, in the words of Bart Scott…

“Can’t Wait”


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