10/24/14-Fridays With Francesa-Championships Edition


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s installment comes from a celebrated staple of the Mike’s On program: Projecting vile hatred towards Rex Ryan and the classless Jets.

It all begins when Mike takes a call from a gentleman whose name and location will live in anonymity, as YES never gives us this essential information.


To be honest, the dialogue is as amazingly predictable as an ideological dispute between conservatives and liberals.

Caller blames Mike for picking on Jets, Mike denies picking on Jets even though he unabashedly does, caller becomes frustrated and says dumb things, therefore making Mike look smart and above dumb callers.

By the way, the same epilogue can be written for any Zaun conversation concerning the Mets. It’s interchangeable.

It’s a recipe of success for Francesa that has worked wonders for years, but on this day da Big Guy bites off more than he chew.

After the inevitable portion of the call where Mike yells a question at a caller ad nauseum, caller tries to answer, however Mike’s repeated and increasingly loud question blocks any form of an answer, Mike decides he’s had enough.

Apparently the romanticizing of Rex Ryan’s career is getting too much airtime, the Sports Pope enters his own personal accolades in the discussion. But, remember “the show’s not about me, folks”

“I, I’ve gotta a lot of championships. Rex Ryan has zero!”

For those scoring at home, Francesa has never coached a professional sports team, nor has he had made any mention of coaching any team at any level ever. But, he did tell us he was invited to secret hotels where teams were staying the night before the Super Bowl. For what reason, I’m not sure.

Just another day in the life of doctor, lawyer, judge, police officer, scout, soothsayer, and now champion Mike Francesa.

Have a great weekend and thanks for da call!

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