Little Mick Kelleher Once Tried To Fight Big Dave Kingman


Last Friday, the New York Yankees did some housecleaning.  They axed longtime hitting coach Kevin Long and decided to not negoiate a new contract with first base coach Mick Kelleher.

Maybe the Yankees viewed the way he congratulated guys when they reached first base as unsatisfactory and the one of the main culprits of their 84 win season.

The 67 year-old Kelleher has been a baseball lifer serving in a myriad of roles from player to minor league scout.  His stats won’t get him any closer to Cooperstown than you and I (Lifetime-BA.203, 230 H, 0 HR), but in 1977 he initiated a hell of a brawl.


Apparently during the second game of doubleheader, the 5’9 170lb Kelleher did not take kindly to a slide from Padres outfielder Dave Kingman who stood at 6 foot 6 inches.  So, Mick jumped on the back of Kingman and launched into a fury of blows, which resulted in the predictable benches clearing brawl.  

I assume there was lots of pushing, yelling, and requests by fake tough guys to feverishly hold them back. Carlos Gomez nods heavily to that last part.  

But, I say assume because I tried in vain to find some video of the fight. Would have been nice to see a nice slobber knocker of David and Goliath proportions at Wrigley Field.

But, instead all I found was a video of this drunk tub of shit embarrassing himself outside the park.


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