10/17/14-Fridays With Francesa-Pujols/Sterling Edition


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s installment focuses around Mike’s lack of interest, lack of patience, and idiotic callers who want attention.

First of all, the rudeness and audacity of Damien in New Hampshire to bother Mike with a phone call as he aimlessly flips through pages of something is offensive. Hey, Damien-Mike is working here!

To begin the call, Damien furiously launches into a Yankee point as if he had been hanging out with the Micro Machines guy and Steve Howe all night. Obviously, the Pope will have none of it, as Mike subtly, but sternly impedes any more hurried rhetoric.

Immediately, Damien proposes a possible way to get Albert Pujols on the Yankees. If you know anything about Yankee fans, many think all superstars should be on the team regardless of anything. But, as we quickly learn this wasn’t the actual premise behind the call.

Mike questions what the Yankees will do with the now beleaguered and walking estrogen machine, Mark Teixeira. This is the cue Damien has been waiting for.

He launches into his own terrible John Sterling home run call for most likely Albert Pujols. But, Mike denied us of that opportunity. Thanks, Francesa. We have so little.

Bellowing in his own personal brand of confident hindsight, Big Mike knew Damien would be a problem. Mike always know after the fact. Like the person who grasps onto a Jeopardy answer at the last possible decibel level of a contestant’s answer to claim as their own.

Sure, you knew.

Have a great week and thanks for da call.

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