Yankees Fans, Please Let Royals Fans Know It Isn’t Over


Last night after the Royals had won Game 3 over the Orioles in the ALCS, I heard their fans chanting sweep.


Ten years ago, the Boston Red Sox stamped themselves as a cherished piece of baseball lore forever. Everytime that graphic of 3-0 comebacks in baseball appears on your TV, that name will be there-2004 Boston Red Sox.

But, obviously at the time it didn’t seem feasible. No team had ever blahblahblah, yeah we get it. And that Sox team seemed like they would be just another unworthy opponent to the stat that would fall by the wayside.

The Game 3 shellacking put the nail in the coffin in my book. Chest out, alcohol induced with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth, I proceeded to march around my local bar in Connecticut with a rhythmic sweep motion letting any and all Boston patrons what I thought of their team.

Boston fans looked at me with a mixed feeling of “I’d like to hit this idiot” and “This curse is real”. Of course, I knew all of the over the top bravado was wrong, but I didn’t care.

I don’t need to break down every game play by play after that because we all know the end result. Through a series of dramatics that has yet to be duplicated in a playoff series, the Sox forced a Game 7. Beleaguered and shocked, I had little confidence.

I watched that Game 7 in the same bar. Luckily for me, the large majority of Sox fans had found another watering hole to savor the night.

Drink after drink and cigarette after cigarette, I tried desperately to hold on to some morsel of faith. But, when Mark Bellhorn is hitting home runs, you knew the comeback was complete.

No more marching, no more outlandish attention seeking idiocy. Just complete humbled silence. A former cheerleader of a team on the wrong side of a historical statistic.

Luckily, that bar is closed down. Some drug dealers sold to the boys in blue and the building is now vacant. At least, I got that going for me.

But, I’m sure there’s a bar just like this in Kansas City. And I’m sure there was an idiot like the younger me last night. Chances of an Oriole comeback are insanely slim in the grand scheme of things, but…..

Be careful what you wish for.

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