Disturbing George Lucas Tried to Turn Indiana Jones Into a Pervert

Last week, I started pondering things after reading about the recent rise of anti-Jewish rhetoric in Germany.  Instantly, my thoughts were, “Here they go again”.  Every few years, Germany has to cause trouble and start massive wars.  It’s their “thing”. And next, it conjured up thoughts about the biggest Nazi hater of them all, Dr. Indiana Jones.  So, I said, “Shit, I’m going to watch Raiders”.

So, even after this being the 521st time I’ve seen the movie, I was enjoying every second.  Oh, I hate that Belloq!  He’s so smug!  But, when it reached the scene where Indiana sees his old fling Marion Ravenwood, it gets a little creepy.

I’ll admit I thought this scene was a little strange as a young kid, but my prepubescent mind couldn’t fully get the context.  As I got older and heard, “I was a child! I was in love!”, I knew it sounded odd, but honestly I was way too lazy to care about coded quotes from a 30 yr-old movie.  But, today I turned a leaf.  I wanted answers!  So, ugh, what’s the deal with that line?

The perverted story starts with Indiana working with acclaimed archeologist Abner Ravenwood, who like Bob Sacamano is never actually seen.  Ravenwood assigns his young daughter, Marion to help Jones.  Obviously, because he’s amazing she falls for him. yadayadayada.  Yes, I yadayadaed that part.

So through the geekdom of the internet and the powers of deductions concerning hypothetical dates, the Internet placed Marion in the 16 or 17 yr-old range.  Depending on what state, that’s a crime.  Jesus, Indy.  Making his “It’s not the age honey.  It’s the mileage” quote even disturbing.

But no, sicko producer George Lucas thought that age was too old and “not interesting anymore”.  He admitted that in early production he thought it would be “amusing” if Raven was 12 years-old.  I think Lucas’s definition of “amusing” is slightly different then the rest of the public.

Of course, we all knew Jones was a womanizer. There was Marion Ravenwood, then Spielberg’s eventual wife, Kate Capshaw, who played Willie in Temple of Doom and was one of the most single annoying characters in cinema history, and the Nazi gal who loved both the Jones boys. In fact, many have speculated the “I love you” eye-lid student is in the other room after spending “quality time” with Indy, when Marcus Brody comes over to tell him his funding has been approved for his trip to begin the pursuit of the ark.

You thought he was just a pimp walking around in a robe for no reason, huh?

But, eventually Spielberg and others said, “Nice Try, Lao Che” to pre-teen Marion and the idea never came to fruition.

Lucas, you’re a sick fuck.  Prepare to meet, Kali…In Hell!

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