10/3/14 Fridays With Francesa-Starring Me!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

Brace yourself. The return of Fridays with Francesa has…well returned. After a long hiatus, the segment is back in the most self-centered and egotistical way imaginable!

It stars me!

This week’s installment focuses on the Yankee transition from choir boy Derek Jeter to the, well, not so choir boy like Alex Rodriguez.

Mike, who is no stranger to the attention constantly swirling around Alexander Emmanuel, was obviously eating up the slop that A-Rod was back in the limelight. It’s been “his thing” of late.

Don’t you remember?

During the fracas that is Major League Baseball’s investigation of the tainted superstar, Mike hosted several love ins with Alex, where the wafting of Kumbaya campfire mystique filled throughout the studios. And when Alex wasn’t present, Francesa was there feverishly defending him with the sincere integrity of Attorney Lionel Hutz.

So, I decided that I just wanted to remind Mike in the form of this subtly placed phone call about how his torrid love affair may have ruined his YES simulcast deal.

Rule No.1-Mike does not fawn over any person. People fawn over him.

Obviously, Mike minimized his pom-pom waving, as he was just “giving his opinion”. When I mentioned his constant boasting of having inside information through A-Rod’s appeal, again minimization ran supreme.

Apparently, it was all Goldman-Sachs. According to Mike, they controlled the free speech and independence of the Sports Pope. So, once they cut ties with the Bombers, it was open season on Francesa.

I asked Mike about the timing and coincidence of the YES deal coinciding with full on A-Rod love. He dismissed my magic bullet theory and I was promptly handwaved back to the Stone Age.

When it comes to bad-mouthing the Yankees on YES, the big guy is 100% right. On YES, the Yankees never lose, especially on Yankees Classics. And yes, like Mike said, maybe I “don’t understand” the complexity. But, the timing of banishment with the pathetic and blinded Rodriguez defense is too “coincidental” for me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And thanks for the call……When I say thanks for the call it means bye, ugh, hang up on them

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