Some Of The Filthy And Inappropriate Tweets Derek Jeter Forgot To Answer


On Wednesday, just days after he instilled eternal sadness in our hearts, Derek Jeter emerged…on the internet.  After 20 years of giving nauseating boredom to the media, he became the media.

Sort of.

It’s all a part of his new website launch called the Players Tribune, and to kick off the festivities he participated in a Q&A session with the twittersphere.  Of course, there were your dopey “safe” questions that Jeets pounced on and took over the event, but he appeared to ignore a few.  And for good reason.

Might violate HIPPA laws, but obviously inquiring minds want to know.

Fair question and Peezus makes a great point.

Honestly, I don’t see how else it could have happened.

Ugh, way too graphic on a first date.  Wait till the third Q&A when he knows you better.

Like Omar says “If you come at the King, you best not miss”  Incomplete sentences is a sure-fire miss.

And if she did, did it come along with that ultra-annoying whistle like singing noise that comes out of her throat?

Wait, it’s not supposed to?

My Advice: Seek Therapy

I’m not even touching that one. You can read about it here.

And finally…

You might want to let him to answer that first question first before you proceed.

No word when the second Q&A is, but I hope he answers some of these hard-hitting questions he neglected.


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