Great White Sharks Are Attacking Each Other. Dogs and Cats Living Together


If you’re a regular reader of Red Ticket Blues, you’ll know we hate sharks as if they were the devil incarnate themselves. Soulless beady-eyed monsters who will stop at nothing to slowly (they’ve existed for millions of years) to take over the planet.

Well, apparently some sharks are tired of waiting and deciding to turn on their own. Kind of like what New York Mets fans will do to Matt Harvey once he isn’t the same pitcher as his inaugural year.

Off the coast of Australia where all the sharks play, two great whites went at it in front of a camera.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It could have been horse play. But, since it’s such a rare event caught on tape, experts aren’t exactly sure what to make of it. Some have looked for this footage their whole life, making it their white whale.

Animal puns are hilarious.

Either way, it’s further evidence these demons will stop at nothing to end the world. So, go ahead, keep sha-saying in the ocean and enabling them like McDonalds empowers slobs of humanity by expanding the $1 menu.

The end is near.

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