Local Scumbag Embezzles Money from Westport Little League


Soulless and former Vice President of Westport, Connecticut Little League. Kevin Hlavac was arrested Wednesday after making up expenses that never existed to the tune of $40k worth.

Now, the integrity of Little League baseball was robbed a long time ago with high-pitched overzealous moms and Super Dads who either treated the game like a private showing for their tragically untalented son or a cruel duplicate of basic training at Parris Island.

But, straight up robbing the league is a new low for the enormous amount of filth concerning youth sports.

Morris Buttermaker was a fouled mouth booze hound, but jeez. He never blindly swiped cash from kids and families after the game. Even, A-Rod wouldn’t do that.

To makes matters worse, Hlavac took advantage of a Westport team that made it to US Finals in last year’s Little League World Series.

While the parents of affluent Westport players are unlikely to be standing at the local shelter after having to pay for kids accommodations that were already comped, the fact remains the same.

Kevin Hlavac is a grade-A dirtbag. I can safely say I’m a better person than him.

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