Jason Kidd Challenging Deron Williams In Practice Must Have Been Hilarious


When Jason Kidd transitioned from NBA star to NBA coach, I doubt the last thing he thought he would have to do would be to motivate his star point guard and eternal whiner Deron Williams.

Well, maybe not.

Since his arrival in the league, Williams has demonstrated some serious All-World talent at times, however these days he’s known for less flattering accolades.

The leader of the coach killers (Carmelo is right behind him and creeping on a come up) is now known more for his bad attitude and brittle ankles that intermediately get any real burn.

Obviously, I wasn’t present for the practice showdown. But, I could imagine, at least.

Presumably, Kidd would be huffing and puffing, firing at insults at the $100 million point guard, in an effort to light a fire under his ass. Conversely, Williams probably had to be coaxed by teammates to even leave his padded practice chair to even accept the challenge.

Once it started, Williams most likely looked disinterested, repeatedly glanced at the clock, then prematurely ended the battle retire to the sidelines for some good ol’ fashioned professional athlete sulking.

Recently, Charles Barkley said, “He’s never going to get back to Utah. His best days are behind him.” And he’s probably right, he’s a staple on the injury report on a nightly basis.

But, even in his eighth year in the league, a guy who has won nada, still needs to be pushed to play to his capabilities. That’s the mark of an asshole who is content where he is, even with the now physical prodding of his soon to be Hall of Fame coach.

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