PETA Wants To Bury Joe Namath’s Super Bowl Coat


I respect PETA, I really do. But, sometimes they go too far.

One of the only highlights on Super Bowl Sunday that wasn’t achieved by the Seattle Seahawks was Joe Namath masquerading around like a strong handed pimp in his fur coat. With a beauty on each arm, he sashayed down the sideline to the coin toss with an aura of awesomeness. But, PETA wasn’t impressed.

It seems that coat that radiated massive amounts of testosterone was “murder”, as it was made of coyote fur.

“No matter what he spent on that eyesore, the animals who were trapped, bludgeoned, electrocuted or skinned alive for their fur paid a lot more”, said PETA in a statement. Now, they want to give Namath’s coat a proper burial. Jets fans buried their Starter parkas years ago.

Months ago, PERA aired an ad about the evils of turkey on Thanksgiving, citing the inhumane treatment of the flightless birds before they reach our plate. Yes, it’s true that animals are mistreated for out benefit, but it’s hard to imagine life without the aid of animals. Whether it be ingredients in our daily hygiene,materials in out clothes, or our daily diet, animals play a part.

Sure, you can live off your farm, ride a bicycle, and use that smelly soap that sucks, but who needs that.

So, PETA stick to real causes like dolphin clubbing in Japan and leave Namath’s one time fur coat appearance alone. Besides, all he has is a career highlight with the classless Jets and random spots on ESPN radio to issue contrarion salvos at Giants little brother.

Just give him this.

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