Fridays With Francesa- Mike Tackles Murder!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

Last week’s segment was bypassed as, with the world watching, we bid farewell to the Sports Pope on YES. So today we usher in a new post-YES edition.

This week’s installment comes from a call during the “Penn State’d Up” period on Mike’s show. All throughout the Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal, Francesa covered it in painstakingly and repetitive detail with enough Kim Jones spots for several lifetimes.

A caller called up to sympathize with someone who has been abused with no help from others. With chainsaws a blazing, he revealed he murdered his father in self defense. Quickly, Mikey was having no part of this fatal admission, as he had to “protect the audience”.

If you’ve listened to Mike’s show, you know the audience is one thing he doesn’t give a shit about. The only way Mike would be on the same boat with a murder call was if he revealed he killed someone and the caller brainlessly agreed.

Doctor, lawyer, foremost expert on everything, now psychiatrist to murders. He truly is a Rennaissance man.

As always, check out @WFANaudio on twitter for great Francesa nuggets.

Have a great weekend and thanks fot da call!
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