Finally, The Plugging Of Products During The Super Bowl Is Over


With the embarrassing thrashing that was last night’s Super Bowl, the Broncos and Seahawks truly put us out of our misery.

No, not the end of football season. Some crazed fans would probably give body parts to see another game before September. No, it’s the end of the endless hawking of products by celebrities and athletes.

For two whole weeks between the Conference Championship games and “The Big Game”, we the public are forced to listen to guests on tv shows, radio shows, and hokey cut segments. Out of the blue, these athletes are just so smitten about this new product that happens to be lining their pockets. Suddenly, Alabama QB A.J. McCarron is just beyond “excited” about what Axe body spray is doing. To show us all how enthusiastic he is about an aerosol scented spray he appears on multiple shows to tell us.

With that being said, I get it. Like the Super Bowl, everything surrounding it revolves cold hard cash. Every promotion from Delta to Papa Johns, the cash truly rules everything around me.

As my friend eloquently responded to me when we talked about this, ” And fuck u Brian. I need that sponsorship to grow share and move product. That’s what investors want and that’s what my bonus is tied to.” So, it’s not just the pretty recognizable face that beneifts, the people behind the scenes rely on the shameless promotion of goodies.

But, with all that being said, I’m glad it’s over. For two weeks, faceless, heartless companies play the sports public like fools with puppets shoving propaganda in our face.

Now, they can go back to the status quo of the other fifty remaining weeks by doing it sneakily and subtly.

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