Marcus and Markieff Morris Are The NBA’s Latest Installment Of Double Impact


The last time I was this amazed by twins was back in 1991when JCVD played ass kicking twins Alex and Chad Wagner.

   Chemistry is one of the most important qualities a sports team can have.  The Phoenix Suns (who were supposed to be a bottom feeding team playing for draft picks) have been a pleasant surprise in the West.

They find themselves eight games over .500, playing for a possible playoff berth.  Head coach Jeff Hornacek took the easy route to improving chemistry by playing the Morris twins, often in tandem.  The only way to tell them apart is by their jersey number.  Even their tattoos and facial hair match.


            Marcus and Markieff Morris played together at Kansas and were drafted with the #13th and #14th picks in the 2011 draft.  Initially, they played separately on the Rockets and Suns, but were reunited in February 2013 with Marcus joining his brother in Phoenix.  Watching them in the game at the same time is fascinating; on the court they display that chemistry that only siblings have.

Playing from childhood to the pros together is impressive and rare, but they are not the only ones to have achieved this.  Phoenix is no stranger to twins; it’s the place where arguably the most successful twins in the NBA played.  Like the Morris twins, Tom and Dick Van Arsdale played together on the Suns, albeit only for the 76-77 season.


Tom and Dick Van Arsdale



 Other Notable NBA Twins 


Brook and Robin Lopez

New Jersey Nets v Phoenix Suns


Horace and Harvey Grant


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